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I'm Paula!

I am eternally passionate about the arts and what is beautiful, smiles are an obsession for me and provoking them is my passion.

With avid knowledge I am never content with what I know, studying is part of my life and new training is a constant!

Another love I have is my studio, where I dedicate myself to make women even more beautiful and confident. Respecting the style, the taste, and going against what she has in mind!

With an easy laugh and emotions in full swing, I love weddings! Who doesn't? And there is something about the beauty of the bride that I fall in love with and I think I was born for this! There are people who take years and years to look for their vocation ... I, I can say that I am lucky and I got it right at the age of 21!

Well, it's been a few years ... And do you believe that I continue to be moved by the stories and experiences of my brides?

At each wedding, the butterflies in the belly appear, that nervousness of having been chosen for such a special day. It is a huge responsibility and I do my best to make sure everything goes as you always dreamed.

Well, in fact, I am passionate about this world of women's beauty and when it results in a huge smile, then yes, I am a woman who is fulfilled and often thrilled!

Yeah, I'm a happy woman! Always with a tear in the eye, but happy!

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